Thursday, March 10, 2011

Break Away Matcha

I don't drink cheap wine. I pass up well drinks and not much of a lager lady which leads me away from cheap beer.

I do drink cheap Mexican beer. I am complicated like that. Complex, if you will.

Nope, I will drink water these days before I will take even a swig of some cheap wine. I would rather be sober and those are some strong words coming from this wine loving chica.

While I am going on about my snobbery, I am fortunate enough to be able to purchase good coffee and tea. I am a lucky lady and willing to share, just stop by.

I heed advice of one of my very favorite ladies who happens to be very Japanese, I drink tea with her and she often has a unique blend or roast for me to try.

She has taught me not to drink cheap green tea. Big life lesson. So was giving up the cheapest drink in the bar. Good tea is like a good wine, it is easy to taste the difference.

Let me clear something up, I would hate for you to get the wrong impression. This is a developed taste.

I was broken in on Folgers crystals and came of age on Franzia by the box, need I mention the plastic bottles of booze we would put away. I lived through it and got it out of my system.

I am older now, my body does not bounce back like it used to, it needs quality over quantity and it needs as much nutrients as possible.

I expect a lot from my body and my body needs me to take care of it properly. It needs help.

I need as many antioxidants as possible to keep these muscles going, the tendons strong and my energy up, I need pep in my step. I think I might need a miracle... I need matcha. I I did a little research and then was swooned by a blog that I followed, The Breakaway Cook. There is something utterly simplistic and approachable about Eric's style from the ingredients, cooking style to his how to videos that led me to his work in the first place (*do you see that pantry behind hm? Swoon! Must have!*). When Eric started to advertise his matcha and the health benefits, I was enthusiastically on board.

Infectious, that is how I would describe Eric's passion for his matcha. I felt like a queen when I received a response inquiring about his product. He took the time to respond to my questions, answer my concerns and guide me through the decision making and purchasing of his products. He truly had my best interest in mind, not knowing me from the bag lady on the street, and I proceeded to purchase some of his matcha and a few accessories he offers.

The package came, neatly put together, like a present tucked behind vivid green tissue. The contents were organized and carefully thought out.

The Matcha I purchased is wonderful, beyond anything I had imagined while holding its own to the pretty penny I paid for it. Eric guides you through the brewing technique on his website, since I am a real pro at dunking a tea bag in hot water but baffled at the sight of neon green loose powder, this was very important, this is some expensive tea that I did not want to waste with some sub par brewing technique that I jumbled together on the fly. I watched. I learned. I slurp matcha with great joy.

Making Matcha, Breakaway Style from Eric Gower on Vimeo.

I would recommend the matcha from Breakaway Cook, the accessories were a bit expensive, I can go to the local store and pick them up, but I was able to have it all shipped to my door which is a welcomed service. He offers three blends, a high end Blend 100 which is probably mind numbingly perfect, Blend 97 which is said to be some of the best matcha available, lacking all bitterness found in typical matcha, and he also offers a Blend 94, what I ordered and have enjoyed with all the kick and dimension I expected. I will most likely try the Blend 97 next order to see the quality difference. Eric is now producing his own ceramic mugs, which guessing from the rest of the products I have tried are top of the line and well thought out. Maybe the next order.... maybe.... They are beautiful, simple and gentle in color.

Eric describes matcha as, an epicurean experience unlike any other, and a superfood that is quite possibly the healthiest substance one can put into one’s body, bar none. 

Lady Stiles describes matcha as, a vivid, warm and earthy cup of creamy tea that captivates all of my senses. If something is this green it must be good for me. 

P.S. I am into the energy that the Breakaway Cook puts out and was super impressed by the product I purchased that I thought you would benefit from the review of the product. That is it, no strings.


  1. 1st time I hear of it. going to check it. happy weekend

  2. Michelle, is it possible to be more flattered? I think not -- thanks so much!