Meet Michelle

"The Beauty of Life" is written and photographed by me, Michelle Stiles, "Lady Stiles." I am a 24 25 26 27 or something-year-old daughter of a busted up logger and a mother who loves fake mash potatoes and powered gravy. I am learning my way around the kitchen, clinking cake tins and getting flour on every surface imaginable, including my camera.

Some time ago I married a homesick Texan and have my work cut out for me. I was never comforted with chicken and dumplings before before meeting John. I channel his southern heritage into my Scandinavian background. I tend to shy away from fried crunchy pig thingies and he gags at the smell of pickled fish. We find balance. 

I get all giddy at the thought of new things and am inspired by people, places and new tastes. At the end of the day I realize that food is a common experience, a necessity and a way to come together.

 I started baking at a young age, making cookies, the insatiable interest of baking continues. This blog was created in 2008 to share my adventures in the kitchen, mostly baking, a little cooking when I get sugar headaches or when I run out of flour.

At the end of the day, it is the outdoor adventures that make me one hungry lady.

Please contact me with any burning questions that you may have or suggestions of any kind