Wednesday, September 29, 2010


There are days when I my steps are light, cloud like. Days where I feel like the sun is shining a bit brighter which makes all the colors a bit crisper and the air fresher. People who are so sweet they give my stomach butterflies, experiences that take my breath away, and positive thoughts that reoccur in my head. I have days where the light is so bright my soul overflows with joy. There are days where I see everything through rose colored glasses.

These are the moments that make life fulfilling, driving me to do my best, be as kind as possible, to keep in touch with people that I hold dear and in return, bring other people as much happiness as they bring me.

Life is full of great experiences, moments, and people.

I truly believe that life is equally full of second guessing, heart ache and disappointment. Nature has a beautiful way of creating balance and sustains off of an equilibrium of good and bad.

I appreciate good days, I bask in the glory when there is light. I know what darkness is all about, it is a very real part of my life and I have come to terms with it. The darkness and disappointment makes the good days, sweet people and the sunny days all that much of a blessing.

To all of you -
I hope for the brightest light as possible - the sweetest relationships - the most memorable experiences.
Create a twinkle in your own eye

Thursday, September 16, 2010


There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.
- Friedrich Nietzsche

I would rather do ANYTHING right now than pack my house.

I will even revive my blog - twice in a day - to avoid wrapping another item in paper, move another box, and most of all: decide if we really need all this stuff. Piece by piece - everything must go someplace. Piece by piece.

Moving is a great exercise - it needs to happen every couple of years in order to truly purge all these items that accumulate and weigh us down. Keep it light - moving is hell.

I should clarify a minor detail right off the bat - I am the pack rat in my little family. I know this has caused tension with everyone that I have ever lived with. My Mom told me that when I left, the house was just so much cleaner. Zara, my first roommate was completely the opposite than I, clean and just as organized as a china store. Her closet was so well thought out it hurts just thinking about it, she sorted by color, sleeve length and who knows how. I never learned from her, I should have. John despises, cringes and despises more things that we don't need, use, or that have no purpose. I am learning. I resisted for a long time, resistance is futile, I am willing to be open. He has resolved to the fact that I am going to pack eight or so I my Grandma's quilts around for the rest of our lives and I might have a slight shoe fetish, oh yeah, and like my Grandma, I overstock our pantries.

Craig's list, Goodwill, the curbside, friends and family - ones man trash is an others treasure. I am letting go of this clutter (honestly I still have a very robust closet and kitchen). Moving is going to be a fact of our lives. I know that I am going to be packing this stuff several more times in the coming years. I am going to try my hardest to keep it light.

Well, that is a wrap for the day. The kitchen in 90% packed and feels a bit desolate. A list is prepared for another busy day tomorrow. Piece by piece.

It is starting to hit home. I am leaving - we are leaving. Yep we are leaving! It is in the 70's on the east side while it has rained here all day and looks like it is going to continue to rain for the next 8 months solid. Change is good.  

Thank you

From the bottom of my heart - thanks to everyone who took the time to call, write, and come to celebrate with me yesterday.

I am blessed. Truly. Blessed.

My birthday was a wonderful whirlwind filled with close friends, sweet co-workers (who are also some dear friends), a great walk with the best dog ever, a great lunch followed by a decadent slice of pie, flowers, gifts, a toast at my favorite bar with a table full of lovely friends, followed by much needed late night dinner and *yep* more dessert. 

I am going to miss everyone.

Thank you Azusa, who planned a wonderful night and made sure everything was all lined up
 - you are a fantastic friend -