Saturday, May 31, 2008

"Sex and the City"

I give it two thumbs up. I was impressed. Having watch all the episodes I was thoroughly impressed and entertained by the movie. It was everything that I had expected, keeping me engaged the entire time. It was also wonderful to be in a theatre full of women. That is pretty cool in its self. Four of the seven show times for the Bellingham location were sold out for the premier showing.
Who do you relate the most to? For me I think that it is two fold I would like to identify with Carrie but I also feel that I can relate to Charlotte. SO it would be a mix of the gals.
Here is to Jess, yes I am writing about "my so called life" Kinda crazy who would of thought. I am kind of hooked. Poppe's this week? Or maybe I will have you to my house and we can sit in my front room that has a way better view and we will not drop a chunk of change for liquid sugar...

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