Monday, December 22, 2008

Jack frost

Bellingham has been hit by Jack Frost. I am beginning to enjoy it! I think it is just beautiful! It tends to be a bit chaotic in Bellingham with this weather, lack of snow plows, lack of people with experience with snow driving abilities, and so on. I do enjoy the fact that weather like this puts life on hold. Shops close, restaurants close, people hibernate, people go sledding in the roads. It is fun. The novelty of snow does not wear off year to year.

The view this morning, after another 6 inches fell over night!

We took Natasha out to Lake Padden yesterday for a hike. It was great!

John said yesterday that he wishes that the snow would stick around, that we had more of a winter in town.
This is the first time that I have actually agreed with him. It would sure beat the rain.
This might be our next move....

Our little princess!
What a sweetie!
She has found the warmest place in the house, cuddled up in the down blanket.
She is a princess too, in her own sort of crazy cat way...

John and I have made tamales over the holidays a couple of times. Jess has been really excited about making them with me. Saturday night we got together and made a batch of yummy pork tamales from scratch. Kudos to Jess for wanting to take on such a grand task. They really are worth every penny the little Mexican ladies sell them for. AND they taste way better made by these wonderful women.... because they are not scared to use lard (the key ingredient!).

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