Monday, November 09, 2009

Five songs of fame

I think I can say I am one more experience closer to dying living a full life.

Last night (yes a Sunday, yes a work night) I busted loose from the routine and watched a band that holds a fond spot in my heart. Southern Culture on the Skids made their appearance at Bellingham's staple for good shows: The Nightlight.

The first time I heard Southern Culture on the Skids (SCOTS) was memorable. I can admit it was one of the times where I was by myself and laughing out loud. To be exact, I was painting our bed room, in the midst of our complete remodel of our house, a time before we had moved in. This was the second attempt to paint the room a shade of gold ( the first color made your retinas burn, the second time it was the color of the sun ). It was late and I was sooooo over being there. I had my head phone turned up and on shuffle. J had loaded some new music for me and SCOTS comes on, Dirt Track Date. WOW! I quick found the entire album. WoW! Camel Walk, Snack Cracker.....

I listened to the album compulsively for months.

So I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see them in Bellingham last night.

When I go to the Nightlight I can't help go to the front, right to the stage, usually front and center. And I dance. I dance and dance. Every show, the entire show. I Sweat and sweat. I leave sore, tired and hungry. I love it.

Last night I thought I was going to play it safe. I really thought that I was going to sit down and watch the show. HA! I was about five people deep the first song. Instantly I was plotting and scheming my way to the front. By the second song, there I was, against the stage, taking off layers ditching a cumbersome cocktail glass and donning my dancing feet (foot) I wiggled my way between a woman who was absolutely worshiping Mary (she was actually bowing to her during several parts of the show) and another guy who was in a dress shirt and a winter fleece jacket (he has obviously not been to the Nightlight before) and seemed way too concerned and occupied with geeking out over their guitars and other technical devices. The women in the crowd ( all 5 of them) seemed to think that the most appropriate way to dance to the music was banging their heads. Really? I had to stop and just watch for a while. This looked really uncomfortable. I started to dance and slowly the statue of a man next to me took his hands out of his pockets. He kept on glancing at me and then he would bobble his head a bit. I made it my mission to get him to wiggle just a tad before the night was through. I am pretty sure he did and I am sure it made him realize that if you are going to stand front and center, taking up way too much space, you had better be dancing and not acting like a stack of bricks.

So there I was, the one legged dance wonder woman. The band was full of life and energy and so was I. When they asked for a "go-go dancer" to join them on stage, I was the first one to jump up and get my boogie on... in front of a packed bar, on stage.... and I was hardly even tipsy as you would probably imagine. Never in my life would I ever imagine that I would be so excited to jump on stage and yes I stepped up for "Camel Walk" and strutted across the front of the stage, ate fried chicken on stage (no chicken, no show) and then threw it in the audience ( you would really have to be there to understand, it is part of every show).

My five songs of fame. A night that I will surly remember for years to come. Never in my life would I ever imagine that I would get on stage and dance, but I did. Hey you only live once. Live it up!

The moment I find some pictures of the night I will post them to prove that this really did happen!

Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted. - Aldous Huxley

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  1. Hey girl, that was fun night!
    I still can't believe we did that without .
    I hope you will find some pictures!



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