Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Tightwad Tuesday in the ‘Ham

Oh Bellingham how I love you. Last night reaffirmed my affection to the ‘City of Subdued Excitement.’

J and I know for scoping out happy hours and I can ramble off about a dozen locations around town and what libations they offer as well as the hours. Last night, with reason to toast J and his new challenge, we (he) assembled my new toy and we decided that the best way to spend the evening was over a pint at the Green Frog Acoustic Tavern.

The Green Frog (for those “not from these parts”) is a little hole in that wall touts, “no crap on tap” including my FAVORITE beer on tap (of the maybe six or so that I have ever ordered in my life, but I am learning...) but what I love even more are the posters on the wall and the music that they bring in. The walls are littered with framed memorabilia that makes my heart skip a beat. Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, and about a dozen different stringed instruments line the walls for anyone to play, peanut shells cover the ground making the floor slide under foot and the air smell sweet, need we forget that dogs roam about. It is as close as Bellingham will ever get to southern culture. I will take it and I think it makes J a little soft on the inside (as far as we could tell he was more Texan than anything in the bar last night).

On Tuesdays they offer $3 pints and some live music later on in the evening. The pizza joint that is next door will deliver any pizza to your stoop at the bar (7 bones on Tuesday gets you any 10” pie) making this the best Tuesday night outing in Bellingham.

See you next Tuesday, pint and pizza in hand!

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