Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Cat Fight - ode to fur

 Just when you thought your week was going all nice and smooth like, a complete stranger makes a dumb blond joke in your direction. She is just jealous, blonds have way more fun, curly blonds - well I am not even going to go there, there might be kids in the next room.

So lady with the short dull brown hair who obviously is afraid of blond haired people, let me tell you that my animals are better than yours.

Yep, you heard me.

My fuzzy little fur balls are the coolest critters on the block. 

They love my hair.

My dog has lots of love but would probably bark at you and then pee on your car tire.

My cat would try and sumo wrestle your cat or the ferret that you keep on your bed stand.

She would win. My cat is sassy and has a booty to back it up.


Because my animals are the bee's knees I wrote a couple of Haiku in honor of them.


Natasha is the best dog in the entire world. Hands down.

natasha brings love
love in the form of dog breath
i let her lick me

Sophee is for sale to the highest bidder. Any takers? She is probably too cool for most people to handle.

meet my cat sophee
she eats doughnuts in the dark
i said she is fat


  1. I never understood why blondes are thought of as less than intelligent. What does hair have to do with intelligence? So silly.

  2. hhhmmmm......

    could be the bleach - not that I use it......