Monday, January 07, 2013

Less is more for 2013

The thing is we moved. We moved all of four miles, up a hill and into the woods. Deep into the woods. There are evergreen trees that fill the view, replacing the sun drenched hillside that we perched on at our previous location. Moss and ferns are prevalent in this gully that has welcomed us and made us feel at home. It is different here, in the most refreshing way possible. I told John yesterday that this move has changed my life, for the better.

The thing is that things have changed. I went from hours of Internet a day to requesting that we not tempt ourselves with getting a connection here at our home in the woods. Our phones get one bar of service. I have read a half dozen books since we have decided to ditch Internet. I have started to run again, I have spent time alone with myself free from distraction, I am learning to make time for others. In an age where there is more more more, remembering that less is more is liberating.

Things change. Years, seasons, values, people, relationships. With the new year comes renewed vigor, a fresh start of sorts.  The days are getting longer and Spring is around the bend which in this climate brings hope. The future is bright. There is so much that I have planned for the coming years, a smile ignites from inside with the thought of what is in store. As I have learned, things change, they don't always go the way in which we intend.  Holding plans, people and ideals too close often leads to heart ache.  Hearts get broken, people grow apart, some friends are a memory. Finding the balance, managing priorities and being flexible seem to be traits of seasoned people. I am learning. Letting go is hard but I am opening doors as other close.

I hope your holidays were warm and welcomed and the new year holds prosperity. Here on the hill we are settling in and creating an oasis, one in which we can share with friends and family. I would hope only for the best for you and bless you with the ability to be flexible and graceful with the changes that the coming year presents. Let me in on the secrets that you use to manage the waters and I look forward to sharing 2013 with you!

This photo project is inspiring on so many fronts, I was moved and didn't want it to be over.


  1. So lovely and beautiful post, I enjoyed your post.
    The Beauty Diet

  2. Those are such beautiful photos! I hope you are still shooting photos.