Thursday, July 30, 2009

riding the heat wave

I am probably opening the door for a bunch of flack from all the soft hearted Bellinghamsters, for we are so used to the cold, rain, wind, damp, miserable temperatures that we are so accustomed to, once it warms up, watch out! The heat has been off the chart this last week, and I will come out and say that I enjoy it! Well all but trying to sleep in it. I am actually warm in a dress, can run around in a swim suit and swim in the lake without turning blue.
Bring on the heat.
I do feel for the people who cannot adequately cool themselves, our (and the many other little guys/gals) animals that are hot. Yesterday Sophee ( the loudest cat in the world ) had nothing to say to me, even when I was home for the entire afternoon. Natasha who also loves the heat had her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth with a pathetic look on her face. We are really close to having roasted chickens as well.
It will cool off next week, and before we know it I will have to wear ten layers and ski gloves on my ride to work. I am soaking in as much as I can now!

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