Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Snap. Snap. Snap.
All I want to do is just snap my way out of my not so shining days, enter into a positive state of mind and be the happy person that I know is earthed inside my body. Life is one hell of a journey. Sometimes it is the ride of our lives and others it is a summers breeze. Right now I am in between, the grey area, it is the time to snap out of this rut I have dug and smell all the fresh flowers that I have planted. Life is too short for this kaka. As Betsy would say it is time to pull up my big girl panties.
What better than a weekend away.... at a Phish concert, to get me out of my head, dance in circles, and be wild for a couple of days.
That is right, the weekend is finally here! We (John, ME!, the Dorrs, Scott, Corrie, Lawson, et. al. ) Are packing up and heading to the Gorge to let loose and PHISH! Our living room is full of all the necessities, once Thursday rolls around we are out of here!

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