Thursday, October 15, 2009

The K word/s

The time has come to face the music! Arg!
I have been so lucky (or honestly a cautious, timid lady) that I have never had to have surgery, casts for broken bones, or in John's case "walked" anything off.
Last year, biking in Whistler about this time of year, I crashed. Nothing major.... just a slow tumble off of some wood ramp. As I tipped over and landed, I landed with all my weight and the bike on my left leg. SNAP! My knee buckled. In shear pain, and a little bit of fright I screamed and John dropped his bike and came running. As soon as I got the dirt out of my mouth, out of my eyes and untangled from the bike, I stopped whaling and realized there was no gashing wound or bone protruding, rather my knee had dislocated. I propped my toosh back on the bike and was able to roll trough the rest of the trail, trough Whistler Village.... straight to the Whistler Brew House where we had dinner with friends. For a couple of weeks I favored my knee, stayed off of it, nursed it and even went to the doctor just to hear "you sprained your knee."
Time passed, I ran... I ran a 50km race, I rode, I crashed more. I can't tell when my knee started to dislocate on regular basis but it is a fact of life as of late. Getting my bike on the lift at Whistler, getting up from the ground, yoga... it was/is happening a lot.
So I requested to get an MRI, thinking I would hear more of the same, but I was surprised (well I guess I shouldn't actually). I have several tears in my meniscus that cannot be healed through physical therapy or rest. Yep, the KNIFE! to my KNEE! Well not exactly, of all the knee injuries and surgeries to have this is probably the best. I will be fine and recover in a jiff! Or at least I better because.....
I know John just cringes at the thought of having to deal with me, laid up for a couple of weeks. It is hard to imagine..... arg! I don't even want to go there! I will recover in a snap and be back to bouncing around the room, yoga, a new bike waiting for me!!! (Maybe!) and probably no running. GASP! Can you believe it?!?! I might have to put this on the shelf... A year ago this thought would send me goose bumps and panic. Not these days, believe it or not. It is okay. Did I mention the thoughts of a new bike!
Next week I go to the surgeon and hash out the details. Until then.... well..... I hate waiting!

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