Saturday, October 17, 2009


The past four weekends in a row I have traveled north, across the border to the promise land with JM. I think I would need several sets of hands to count the times we rode up north this summer. Who would of thought I would ever fall so in love with biking. WHAM! Here I am, there is nothing more that I would rather do.

Each weekend this summer revolved around biking. We have faithfully trudged through the week, putting in our time in cubicles and offices for the promise of a great weekend of biking on increadible trails. Mondays were rough, I hobbled into the office, usually cranky because I was so hungry from the previous two solid days of riding, and the fact that we had to leave Squamish ( the best place on earth). Each weekday, we both would get up at our usual crack of dawn in order to put in the time, each morning looking at eacher muttering something to the effect of "three more days" or "we are so close." Fridays would roll around and we would both bound home inoreder to feed the chickens, JM would tune our bikes (thanks for the great ride) load the trusty van, and thank goodness for my parents we would drop the black beauty off for some doggy retreat on the bay (Sophee is problably still traumatized from abandoment issues). Then we would make the short hour and half drive to the wooded heaven that is just north of our little nook.

Each weekend we would explore new trails, ride the some real champs over again the following weekend. Hour after hour... we pedaled and pedaled, I pushed, I cursed, JM waited patiently, I smiled, we ate bars, more bars, rode more great trails, saw increadible views of Howe Sound, the Chief, Garibaldi, Whistler, on and on, I wondered if JM ever got tired, I was convinced that JM never got tired, we ate burgers, chowed down on the best fish and chips in the world, drank pitchers of beer, slept in our trusty van.... all in all, my life is perfect.

All in all our summer was increadible. I have dust on my clibimg shoes and I am okay with that. Running? No running, too slow. I have logged so amny miles on trail, on world class trail, more trail than probably most people ever get on. We were weekend warriors to the Nth degree. I got my fill and now it is time for me to redirect my energy to other parts of my life. This is easier said than done. As JM gathered his gear this morning to go ride up north, I had to find other things to do. Hard.... but who wants to ride in the rain anyway. I am sure that JM is glad to go ride with other people and not wait on me. I have to focus my energies on my knee, keeping it rested and getting ready to heal fast so when the spring rolls around and I have a new ride.... a new year, with new intrests.

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  1. Wow! You've made mountain biking sound!

    Good for you,'re obviously passionate about it and that's great! We could all use more passion in our lives!

    Now you just need something to get you to maybe Wednesday??