Thursday, January 07, 2010

Making plans

Hey it is the new year, as we look back at all the great memories of 2009 and embrace the mishaps naturally we must look forward and trudge on to a brighter future. Plans, they can be big small subtle and secret but I prefer to throw caution to the wind and splatter them on a blog for the world to read. Some plans should be kept secret some should be shared in order to create a sense of accountability. As my life become increasingly solidified so do my goals and plans. In order to keep me accountable and keep my goals attainable here they are:

1 year plan:
Be back on the bike – both road and mountain
Start to climb again
Regain full range of motion in my knee and full strength
Cook more – eat more – eat with J. more – cook with J. more
Learn to like beer
Plan a trip to Europe (France)
Finish all three bedrooms of our house
Write a lot more
Eat more cheese and bread
Be incredibly content

2 year plan:
Continue with the momentum gained in previous year
Travel to Europe
Climb (I am leaving it general)
Ride the Mount Baker Hill Climb
Ride the Seattle to Portland race in a day

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