Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Eating with a passion

J and I flew the coop this weekend, dashing to Seattle for a short bit to check in on our long lost online-ordained minister and former Bellinghamite.

The mission was simple: eat in the big city.

Mission accomplished (and then some).

"D.lux" needed some prep from his long lost Texan friend for his week in the Fort Worth area. We offically readied his palate for all the Mexican, BBQ, and burgers that one can stomach in the great lone star state.

While in Seattle I tend to get overwhelmed with the plethora of food options, every corner there is a resteraunt or bar, oh the big city! We started with Italian for dinner, followed by a dessert of martinis at Julia's.

The real treat of our food adventure was Sunday morning as we noshed at a top notch cafe and new favorite dinning spot: Portage Bay Cafe. As most of you know I have a slight obsession with fruit, I - can't - get - enough - ever - period. As we walked in the first thing I spotted was a topping bar that consisted of fresh (as fresh as one could get this time of year. My heart fluttered with excitment. I left with a stomache ache.

As if this caloric intake wasn't enough by noon my hunger was rearing its head again and was going to be satisfied by Dick's. A burger and french fries did me in. TKO.

Mmmmm........ Several fantastic meals at establishments that are socially aware. I can get behind that.

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  1. If you like asian food, downtown there's a great place called O'Asian. The best Chinese food on the planet. They also do dim-sum during the weekday lunch hours.

    I eat there wayyyy too much