Sunday, April 11, 2010

A new do

Before making any life changing decisions in the name of "something has to change!!!" a good haircut and color does the trick for me. I have been burnt out on "things" lately and I needed to be pampered = personal day! I did it, something I highly recomend to most people, words of advice: take a day off in the week and have it to yourself; no work, ignore chores, turn a blind eye to the messy house and just enjoy the day by pampering yourself.

A couple of weeks ago I ran into an old coworker from my days working in the floral shop. Since rocking the counter at Starbucks and putting herself through school, Amy has became a hair styling guru at the new Honey Salon. This salon has reputable and well known stylists in Bellingham. The girls there rock. Amy has style worth coveting including a gorgeous personality and irristable charm - and mad styling skills.

I went in for a cut and color, something that until now I was cheap and indescrimnate about. My hair will never be subject to such torture again. Each time I experiance the talent and true passion for hair at Honey, I leave feeling like a million dollars.

This time I let Amy finally striaghten my hair ( I have wild curly long hair...).
Thanks Susie for getting some documentaion!

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