Monday, February 07, 2011

Head Above the Sand

True story coming at you.

I was really excited to follow through with some potential jobs this morning until I realized they were all scams involving identity theft.

So I added twice as much chocolate to my coffee as I usually do this morning thing that would help perk me up. Then skipped the gym. Neither of those choices helped. I also poured maple syrup all over my oats, maple syrup and oats creates a smile on my face and was a legitimate attempt at satisfaction. I thought I had dripped some sticky syrup on the table as I surfed the internet for the elusive career. I wiped it up with a classy finger to the mouth move. GAG! This was not fresh Vermont maple syrup, it was some substance strewn on the table that J used to fix his bike with yesterday. It was nice knowing you, my stomach is probably rotting right now.

Most days I could just shake this nonsense and not eat the entire pot of oats that I had intended to last the week. The problem is that we got rid our mattress yesterday - then went to buy another one. The store I wanted to get the futon from didn't have a queen size. We went home and ordered it online. I like to get lots of sleep. So does J. We didn't sleep last night.

Our mattress doesn't come for 15 days.

After the lack of planning in our replacement bed, we were thinking ahead we blew up our trusty air mattress before we went to drank beer, eat cheese filled bacon wrapped peppers and crab dip while watching football. We came home tired, I drank too much wine all weekend and felt like I could sleep for a good 15 hours, gingerly nestled on to the air mattress and fought falling asleep for 15 seconds. I was in a far away land of gum drops and sugar plums when I suddenly felt the wooden slats of our bed frame holding my body all of 15 minutes later. PppppSSSSsssssTTtttttt. Air mattress minus the air. J ran to the couch and curled up on the floor. Enough said.

We live in the desert - there are bizarre and freak windstorms. Strong windstorms. There was a windstorm last night that kept me awake while I tried to sleep on the floor. I caught up on at least six This American Life  episodes all night while cuddling with Natasha in her bed.

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  1. Looking for work is not made easier by those that are scammers. I call it the "post your resume here, scum club". I think they sell your info and then the "offers" start coming your way. Keep the chin up and keep at it, of course some sleep will make it all better or at least tolerable.

  2. Sleep is key. I love your pictures. We live in very very different places. That's what's so great about blogging. I want to hear more about your Bailey's Black Bottom Bundt Cake.

  3. Ann - good idea. I might have to share it soon!

  4. Melynda - that is it. I am going to sit back and enjoy my time while I have it. Job hunting is giving me gray hairs.