Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Links to love on

Links for you to love on....

I finally did it. After years of saying I was going to sign up for the Seattle to Portland Ride, known as the STP, I registered this morning. Surprisingly, I made the cut off in the last few seconds before it sold out. I am #9276 out of 10,000.  Committed. I should probably be on my bike and not in front of the computer...

I found out that my favorite Bellingham coffee roasting company ships for free. Get Moka Joe Coffee to your doorstep, the quality is out of the world, I will never have to go with out! After reading about home roasting, I might just have to try roasting myself as well.

If I let myself get all indulgent I could sip at least three lattes a day. I could also add Kahlua to them and be even more over the top. But I don't, because I might just have a job interview or need to go out in public and I don't really want to be that wired or sloshed while trying to make friends. That is just me. I came across a form of green tea called matcha on a wonderful blog called Breakaway Cook. I am hooked. I ordered some.  One Latte followed by matcha = seeking balance.

J and I have an anniversary coming up. I just booked us a night in Wall Walla, Washington ( about an hour drive ) at the historic Marcus Whitman Hotel. Giddy! Wine country and fancy old hotel rooms.

I can't wit to read Ree's new Book,  Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. It is out today.

I am in love with Nora Ephron and am tearing through all of her books, in fact I am about to start Heartburn.

I am not getting compensated in any sort of way for these plugs. Just stuff I dig and want to share.

Coming up next:

Candied Grapefruit Peel, one of the weirdest sweets I have made to date. I might be going off the deep end here folks, but I promise to throw in a cocktail recipe to go the extra mile and show my love to ya'll!


  1. Candied grapefruit peel sounds intriguing!

  2. Get riding!
    BTW, the Third Flatiron just closed until July 31st for raptor nesting. That one has the best solo routes, but no chance to get on it for a while.

  3. Hmm the candied grapefruit peel sounds very cool1

  4. Steve - I am on it, I still have your notes from last time I said I was going to do the STP. I am really in it this time, God willing...