Friday, April 15, 2011


Our sweet old lady of the house has a visit with the doctor today.

Everything is A OKAY, she is just old as water and farts more than she used to. She breathes like an old lady.

This got me to thinking that she has traveled the world, climbs rocks and shreds the trails and got in a few good powder days.

See John has had Natasha since, well the begining of time. A. long. time.

 She goes everywhere with us. Everywhere.

She is going to live forever like any great dog should

 She will never stray far and latches on to our friends as much as we do. This is our friend Steve who visited us in Mexico one winter.

She goes climbing, watches and worries.

Natasha has our backs. It is that kind of relationship.

She was the cleanest dog in Mexico, for like five minutes.... 

Top of the Cheif in Squamish, no problem!

Natasha has a thing, she likes to rest her head on J.'s shoes. Don't worry, she is always taken care of. Bed of roses is usually her style.

She will give you kisses if she she can sneak in there, up the nose is where they keep the goods apparently. She will eat your food if it is on the ground...

Mexico was rough sometimes....

What, you looking at me? Mexican bulls eat fine pieces of meat like her for breakfast!

Did I tell you she has been everywhere!

 When we lived in the van, we would give her spoons of peanut butter for entertainment.

We also gave her cheese burgers.

She shreds more that I do.

She lived in the van. We all loved the van.

We wanted to live in this van.... they made crepes.

The window where she could see the world whiz by. Miles upon miles.

Chillin' like a villian. She would totally beat both of them at chess if she had a freaking thumb.

 Exotic Mexican beaches for this black butt.

She smiles when she is happy.

I love her so stinking much.

Best friends = The God Father.

Old and wise.

She LOVES boats and my Dad.

 We love you Natasha and all you silver hair and old lady farts and heavy breathing....

Awww.... a man and his dog.....

She sneaks into hotel rooms... I told she goes everywhere, ninth floor.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I just happened upon your blog and had to say - Beautiful! I just yesterday wrote a post about my Ginger. Shes an old girl too. It was a more funny then sweet one like yours but I had to tell you, yours just choked me right up. You can't have a dog a long long time without having those soft sweet feelings


  2. oh Natasha....she really is a great dog. Please give her a belly rub and kiss from an old friend.

  3. AWWWW! She is one in a million! What a gret tribute to a great dog!

  4. What a great dog. She looks a little like an Australian Blue Cattle Dog. They're a tough, faithful, go-everywhere animal, just like Natasha.

  5. What a sweet, sweet post. My old lady is getting old and gray too - what a great way to pay tribute!

  6. Natasha is beautiful...and so are your pictures of her! They made me smile and I enjoyed them! :) I had to laugh at what you said about feeding her spoons of peanut butter for entertainment! It's so hilarious to watch them try to eat the stuff! :)



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