Thursday, April 28, 2011

That is a Wrap - Up!

Its almost the weekend. I have a fun filled weekend on the books that is bursting with close friends and long lost pals. I am pretty stoked. GIDDY GIRL WITH NEW DRESS type of excited.


I will have my camera slung around my neck... of course.

I might watch highlights from the royal wedding while no one is looking.

I might wear my new dress all weekend.

It has been killing me that all I have had to share here has been kind of dark. This is the nature of life, it seems to be a roller coaster and is one hell of a ride. So with Spring in full swing, let there be light!

I want to share with you my newest little creation that I am rather pleased with. It is huge, wonderful and oh...  I MADE THAT!

I am also making stuff and putting it up for sale in my very own ETSY shop. Go peek around. I can make you what ever you want! Or look at what I have here on the site.
I am also making these perfect chocolate chip cookies to give to friends. You should too.... 
I am totally excited to go see Heidi Swanson in Seattle and have her sign like 18 copies of her newest book, Super Natural Everyday, that I have squirreled away... 
To really make this official and turn this dark star around I made you this from the desert:

A royal thank you for sending me such warm comments and encouraging words.

Enjoy the weekend and everything that you get into!

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