Monday, May 23, 2011

Meatless Monday Recipes

 It is Monday - Meatless Monday.

What better time than the beginning of Spring to dive into a day filled with fresh vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts..... you get my drift. Eating plant based for one day is super easy.

 Don't believe me yet...... just look at what I have to offer:

Ribboned Aspagus Salad 

Living in the fertile heartland of Washington State, early Spring is a robust time to capture the first harvest of a long and fruitful growing season of the Pacific Northwest. The first substantial crop that appears are tender spears of fresh asparagus. Raw crisp asparagus is a gem this time of year, providing a wholesome crisp flavorful awakening from Winter's long battle. A bright combination of lemon, rice vinegar and oil dresses raw ribboned asparagus in a way that celebrates the coming bounty that awaits the patent.

Carmalized Onion Hummus spread over hearty oatmeal crackers

We all need to snack, make it healthy and packed full of protein and fiber to keep you happy and full of energy to conquer the world.

Stove Top baked Beans

White beans are so creamy and rich you will never notice that there is not pork in the dish. My Texan agrees and that there is proof if you still had doubts that beans and bacon must be side by side.

French Onion Soup

An dish that has complex flavors with ingredients that you most likely have on hand.

Sweet Roasted Garlic Soup

One last appearance of the root vegetables while we patently wait for the bounty of Summer to roll on in.

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