Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Petal Pusher

The best job I ever had was working in a floral shop.

Everything about that floral job was rather delightful from the wonderful women that I worked with, the vast experience I gained through hands on learning, I exercised my creative side every day, the interaction with customers that often became lasting friendships. I was surrounded by color, fragrance and beauty daily. This was a great job. I met J at that floral shop.

I have long since left that cute little corner where we made countless bouquets, I now proudly wear a ring from the sweet Texan with the red beard that I met there on a January day eons ago.

As I scour the country for job opportunities, I wonder if I will ever find such a perfect fit as the floral shop provided working my way through college. I can only imagine that some day I will find a career that pays the bills and makes me feel good about what I do. I know my time is coming, my work here is blossoming and there has to be something great right around the corner. There has to be something good waiting for me.

There has to be a bakery that needs a blond curly haired woman to run the show.

As I made this cocktail with the rose syrup, I was reminded of this floral shop gig and days I spent standing in rose petals. Literally there were flowers, roses, petals everywhere, my hair, the floor, every counter top. This cocktail is a great light punchy way to welcome the summer months and usher in roses that are just starting to bloom from their tight buds. Rose syrup and grapefruit are partners in crime.

Does your career keep you satisfied? Do you long to do something totally different? Do you have a dream job? Do you think that work can be fun and rewarding? Is your job technical in nature or is it creative?

The Petal Pusher 

Source - Lauren of ChatN’ Chow via  Kitchen Play
Yields two petite cocktails 

1 Egg White from a Safest Choice Pasteurized Shell Egg (Safest Choice Eggs)
1 oz. Pink or Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice (fresh squeezed from the market tastes great)
2 oz. Dry Gin (stick with a basic like Bombay)
1/4 oz. rose syrup
Sugar for rimming the glass (this can be your choice)

Pour liquids in a cocktail shaker and shake without ice for 20-30 seconds or shakes (this helps the egg whites bind).
Add a handful of ice then shake hard for another 20-30 seconds - this really gets the foam going!

Strain into a rimmed cocktail glass and spoon remaining froth on top of drink.



  1. Michelle, your post rocks! I love the flower shop & life reference. I hope you enjoye the cocktail as much as I do, I'm so happy to have found a new blog to read!!

  2. Lauren! Thanks for the sweet note and for the great recipe! I enjoyed this cocktail and will surely repeat it!