Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Slow like Snail

Slow. Snail slow. Snail mail slow.

Sometimes waiting is the hardest part. Waiting in traffic, waiting for the coffee to percolate, waiting for vacation, waiting for a life changing email, waiting for the next big adventure. Things move slow and are often beyond the reach of control. Control is comforting. I am by no stretch of the imagination a control freak but I do have a hard time being patient.

There is just so many great things in the works right now in our lives. I can hardly contain myself with excitement. Our hopper is full and we are about to crack it wide open.  Our future is increadibley promising and as much as I would like to move on I need to realize and embrace the fact that I am here in the desert now with free time that I need to utilize to the fullest. I need to make myself a better person today to ensure that tomorrow is just as great. I need to get our present ducks in a row to make life simplier in the coming months.

In life there is always room for improvement, forward movement with every experience, growth with every mistake. Life is not perfect, there is a wrinkle in every plan, there is a hole in every dam, there is a crack in well used armor. I like to think of this as the human element, life. At the end of the day, when the head hits the pillow and soft bed holds my weight, the weight that I have carried with me the entire day all I want to know is that I tried hard at what ever I engaged in with the few precious hours I was gifted that day.


Life doesn't always go as planned. If you take a successful business as an example, they are successful for two reasons. These two reasons can be applied to the business of living, the day to day activities that fill our hour. Success thrives with a plan. A goal is a healthy means to create more ambition that often gets sucked by the mundane tasks that fill our time. Have a plan. Have a plan that is open and encourages change. Stick with me, a plan is wonderful and incredibly useful but plan for that plan to change. Nothing goes as planned. There is growth and learning, accidents and failures, the human element. Accept change and adapt your plan accordingly. Be open to change. With these two ideas working together, leading a meaningful life is just that much easier.

Personally I need a plan or else I get too excited about one particular thing that I often miss the forest for the tree. I need a plan to create focus in my life that seems to be lacking cohesiveness and direction. I am a work in progress, my plan is a work in progress and I am accepting the changes that are occurring. 

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