Saturday, October 15, 2011

Las Vegas


Las Vegas was a blast. A few short days, a couple long nights, all that a Vegas trip should be, nothing more.

Friends, shows, food.

Sunshine, people gazing and flashy clothing.

We scored some tickets to see Ben Harper play outside at the Cosmopolitan.

The venue for the show was pretty spectacular.

We had great friends that kept it fun, there were many great memories made and a life long friendship established.

We took in Absinthe at Caesar's Palace and I almost ran away with the circus. In my dreams, I am a gymnast. If you have the chance to see this show, please try and catch it. Funny off color humor that only Las Vegas can get away with.

 J rolling in style the entire time, including making us mimosas to break the desert heat and provide a little laughter as we mixed cocktails on the side of the strip. Classy.

My two cents: keep the kids out of Vegas. Vegas will keep the unmentionables out of Disney Land....

Circus Circus might be hell on Earth. A casino is the last place I ever want to ran over by a stroller.

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