Friday, March 23, 2012

DIY: Chalkboard Cabinet Door

A couple weeks ago a good friend and I went to our local ReStore and rummaged through the plethora of random cabinet doors that line a wall of the building. I had this chalkboard with salvaged knobs in mind for weeks. We each toted three different doors home for various projects. This week we got together and spent the day making chalk boards with knob hangers.

I found mismatched knobs.

She spotted ceramic faucet levers.... and what I think is a toilet flush.

Want to try it? Not much I can't explain to you that isn't straight forward.

I would suggest that you do salvage solid wood cabinet doors to start with, not the cheap press board. Sand the finish, down to bare wood. We sanded by hand for about ten casual minutes. Just enough to knock down the rough spots and create a good surface for paint.

Take your knobs, figure out where you want them and drill out the holes just big enough to fit the hardware.

Drills... you are going to need your big girl panties for this part.

Paint the border a contrasting color. I (we) choose white wash which gave it a weathered look. Tape off the the painted area and use a chalkboard paint to coat the face of the cabinet.  

Just like that! A project under $10!


  1. Love!!! Especially the term "needing your big girl panties." hehehe

  2. looks so good! i love chalkboard paint its the best

    1. I have an entire can of chalkboard paint left! What to do with it.....

  3. That's great! I bought a door just like yours about a month ago to do the exact same thing. I just haven't gotten around to it yet :-P

  4. What a brilliant idea! Love your blog and I am your newest follower. xo