Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Topp Twins

I happened to stumble across my new favorite movie. New Zealand yodeling lesbian twins. Within just five minutes of watching the Topp Twins, these confident, brave and strong ladies steal your heart and make you smile.  They are the Untouchable Girls.

It was described to me by Alice Clark, the executive director of our local Pickford cinema as a movie in which you will smile from the beginning to end. With a description like that I had to turn it on and see what it is all about. I smiled through the entire movie then watched it again a week later. I will probably sit down and watch it again soon.

These women have devoted their lives to what they love, kept it at a scale in which they can control and found the voice of their hearts. These are truly amazing women, they are inspirational and I promise that you will smile during this documentary that chronicles their beautiful lives. It streams on Netflix for those of you who subscribe.

Have you heard of the Topp Twins? Did you see the Topp Twins, Untouchable Girls movie?

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