Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Rolling through

Just an update from the home front. The summer hours, as precious as every single one is here, are numbered and squeaking by.  

Never winter. Please. Thank you. Endless summer.

Nearly midnight tonight and the cake in the oven has nearly 45 more minutes to bake. At least it is almond cake and smells of heaven. I learned early on and fight the urge to pull the cake too soon. Sleep will come, under baked cake has no mend.

The kitchen is a tornado of dishes. Dinner party dishes. There are three people I know that will do dishes after dinner, I am not one of them and they obviously didn't have dinner here. They are welcome anytime. So are you. I prefer it here at home these days, it is a good place.

I have more cake orders than I have time for and have to tell people no, not a strong suit of mine. Midnight the day before a cake needs to be done is not the style I like to adhere to. So it goes. It is summer and hours are not to be taken foregranted.

I have new friends to make, trails to ride, flowers to tend and sun to soak up.

John bought me a new mountain bike a few weeks ago and I can't seem to get enough of it or enough time to try. I am trying to make me a priority these days but I am incredibly enamored by so many things it is hard to get a single thing done.

Summer hours are long but never long enough to make up for the nine months of hibernation that occurs every year.

Which brings me to...

If John was any less of the super man that he is, he wouldn't be walking right now. Two three weeks ago we were in Squamish, British Columbia with some of our best friends, riding bikes, camping, swimming, drinking beer, watching BMX races, and just being friends. It was a great weekend and was shaping up to be an epic summer. John had an accident on his bike the afternoon we were leaving. He went head first into the bushes a stump, his head and neck soaked up what impact the helmet didn't absorb. He broke a vertebra in his neck, concussion, broken ribs, mangled left hand. Prognosis, six week choker hold. He is one blessed soul that walked away from an accident that he didn't necessarily need to, he is sporting a neck collar, immobilizing his neck for six weeks.

He is a tough cracker and keeps his head up like a true sportsman, rolling with the punches. Punches they are, hurt they do. 

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