Monday, June 25, 2012

Pokemon Cakes

A former co worker who I consider to be a timeless friend has twin boys who celebrated their birthdays this weekend. All of seven years under these boys' belts. I first met the boys years ago when they were shy and clung to mom's ankles, now these boys are as confident and friendly as their mom, eager to tell stories and expend limitless energy. It has been a pleasure to see these kids develop and grow through the years.

She asked me to do the boys' birthday cakes and of course I eagerly said that I would love two. They wanted Pokemon themed cakes and both drew me detailed pictures and descriptions of what they wanted. One wanted a round cake and the other wanted a square cake, they may be twins but they are very independent. It was my first time making and using modeling chocolate, I love the idea of using it rather than fondant for taste reasons and once I dial down the proper technique for making modeling chocolate I know that it cuts much nicer lines than fondant it capable of producing. I made a Swiss buttercream, which I can not get over how much I enjoy the texture and the taste is a bit lighter than a powdered sugar based icing. Note that weird things happen to Swiss buttercream when you try and use gel coloring to tint it after the butter has been incorporated. I am going to try and avoid tinting this frosting again until I figure out why this happens. Learning. Technocolor.

What really made my day was reading this email this morning...

"The cakes were a huge hit! We just enjoyed them again this evening. Absolutely stunning, delicious, and beautiful - the kids could not keep their eyes off them...loads of comments and 'wows'! And this is the first kid party I've been to that had totally empty plates after eating cake! Thank you so much for making them. As Tom said to the boys when we were looking at them at home before the party - "This is probably the nicest birthday cake you'll ever have in your life!" And Bryce responded, "Yeah, I guess you couldn't have had anything like this before or when you were a kid because there was no Michelle around then!". One of a kind."


  1. Oh, what a perfect thing to say! I miss Pichachu!

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