Monday, September 22, 2008

Bike Bug

It is that time of the day. My time at the office is finally nearing an end, the sun has broken through the clouds and I have a bike ride home to look forward to. It is also one of those days where if I didn't have to pedal home, I just got in my car, sat in traffic with the windows up, I would go home and be completely worthless. With a bike commute home, I get the blood flowing out of my ass and back to my brain, smell some fresh air, absorb some sun and shake off the office funk that has built up all day. Then, once home I will be inspired to go out and play. Last week I went all week without doing anything fun, I was probably miserable to be around. I am going to prevent that from happening this week. I can't let this silly job step (or suck) on my energy and motivation.

I have been bitten by the biking bug! Ever since last weekend at Whistler all I want to do is mountain bike. It is just so much fun. John and I have been plotting and scamming our way into new bikes. have been hounding the used market, I think the perfect match is going to appear for both of us real soon. I was going to inherit John's Norco Six and he was going to get another bike, now, I think that we are both going to get new (used) bikes. Whooo hooo!! I am so stoked to bike. There is just nothing that compares.

Yesterday John and I gathered the bikes up and rode in the Chuckanuts. Wow, what fun. It was pouring rain, didn't stop us, can't that get to us, it is going to rain for the next 9 months. We pedaled up to Fragrance Lake, down the Lower Ridge, Salal, and Hush Hush trails. It was slippery and slimy, what fun!

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