Thursday, September 25, 2008


Wednesday was a well deserved full day of (physical) rest. I drove to work, rested, drove home, ate yummy zucchini cookies that I made, ate yummy chili with John for dinner, drank way too much wine, and watched a movie. Glorious.
As the daylight hours dwindle, I have been taking advantage of what little bit of time I have after work. On Monday I went for a trail run on Galbraith, sneaking home a bit after it got dark. Tuesday I tested out my new tires on Galbi with Natasha. She had so much fun. It is just great to see her dance around in the woods, chasing every thing she sees. I must admit I had the same huge smile on my face. I never knew what a HUGE difference tires could make. I also lowered the PSI to a bit below 20lbs. I could actually climb trail and get over rocks and roots that have been pestering me for the last year. A trip to Whistler built a lot of confidence in my riding ability as well. Things up there just didn't seem as big or as steep. I was having so much fun on the ride that after exiting SST I choose to climb back up the ridge and take Bob's out. I started climbing the ridge at 7pm, knowing that it got dark around 7:30. Sure enough, I got into the trees and it was dark, there were sections of Bob's that were full on scary with no lights and by Karma, it was riding by memory. LOL! Got to love it!
I also got a present in the mail last night! I have been tracking down new riding clothes and armor., and, are some great places to find some deals. Well, I came across a great deal on a full face helmet. I scored! My new '661 Pro Bravo Carcon helmet' arrived on our poarch last night. YEAH!

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