Monday, September 08, 2008

Weekend Warrior and loving it....

The weekend has come and gone, this time like a breath of fresh air. I am revitalized for the week ready to give work some focus and attention.
We started the weekend off right with some This food Friday night. Yummmy! We walked to Barkley Village and ate at On Rice. After discussing all week the importance of trying to increase trips made by alternative modes of transportation that are shorter than a couple of miles. So, it was simple we walked there in about thirty minutes, enjoying the beautiful evening and sunset. Simple as that. We reduced our number of car trips that are shorter than 5 miles. So easy and we walked off the "stuffed" feeling on the way home.
Saturday morning we got up and went for a casual mountain bike ride on Galbraith with our friends Nick and Andie. We ended up rolling around the mountain for most of the day. Glorious! There is nothing like some mountain biking to make you want to relax afterward. John and I spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying each others company and cooking two wonderful meals. After our ride, craving mass amounts of protein, we made a fratata, complete with Havarti cheese, onions, peppers, and corn tortillas. We had Dale come over for dinner and we once again feasted. We started the evening with mojitos. Wow, what a perfect drink. Who doesn't love fresh mint? I then made us some whole wheat pasta smothered in the fresh pesto that I made from the plethora of basil that I have picked from the garden. We also feasted on some sauteed green beans from the garden. For this I cooked a few slices of Hempler's pepper bacon, sliced some garlic and a bit of onions ( from the garden). Blanched the green beans and carrots ( from the garden ) then added them to the frying pan to sear them for a few minutes. Wow, we feasted! I then laid back and took in the sunset from my couch. I love my house!

Sunday... John and I got up packed our bags and drove to the "nearest" granite to Bellingham. It is a two hour drive from our door in Bellingham. With this short drive, a seven mile drive up a forest service road and a short (40 minute) and completely enjoyable approach we did a route on "Three O'clock Rock. Darrington tops my list as easy escapes around Whatcom County. Once we got out there we found ourselves in the midst of a gorgeous canyon, surrounded by all sides. No cars, roads, or civilization in sight. The sky was blue and the temperatures were perfect. We took Natasha and she just hung out at the base while we climbed. John and I flew up the route with ease, I had almost forgot how much I love climbing with him. Things can go so smoothly, it is like we have done it a million times... and we have....

And look at this, we took pictures!

This tree was on the approach, it was really one of the biggest trees I have seen. This is a beautiful area.

A view of the With Doctor Wall

Summit! Yeah!


  1. You are stuck a stud. Nice climb! I bet it was just wonderful. I too love mojitos! I'm glad you're refreshed and happy to be back in the grind.

  2. Yeah. I meant "such a stud." Sorry. Need sugar...



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