Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Loving the ride

There is nothing like a vacation for me to rejuvenate my soul and lite the fire in me.
Our mini trip to Tennessee was lovely. We spent quality time with family, enjoyed the outdoors, relaxed, reminisced, and ate lots of food. I disconnected from the Internet for the trip, turned my cell phone off and returned to somewhat of a simpler existence. **deep breath** What a relief. John and I took up walking together which never happens at home, we also went on a couple runs together at Montgomery Bell State Park. What a treat.
My now extended family couldn't be better to me. They have brought me into their lives with open arms and hearts. With Corrie flying in from Colorado, Bill and Betsy driving from Dallas, JR, Teresa, Bailey, Jack all living a ten minute walk from Jonny, we got to spend some quality time with everyone. This trip I felt that I was able to connect with a few more than before, which warms my heart with just the thought. I was able to let go and take everyone in, how ever it happened. With this I must say that I enjoyed everyone and all my time.
Now back home, we came home to a clean house, a lovely dog, crazy cat, longer days, spring bulbs, and the passion that is released here at home. I have got back on my commuter, enjoying the ride before and after work, I have found new drive at work, and most important I feel even more blessed to have John in my life. He is my soul mate.

Have a great afternoon!

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