Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sunday adventures

In prep for an afternoon of football watching, pizza eating, chip munching and some good heckling, John and I went for a grand tour of the Chuckanuts this morning. Whooped that is what I am. I have grown accustomed to Galbi, know the trails well, cruise control. The Chuckanuts are an entire different ball of wax.
We parked in Arroyo Park, pedaled out the Interurban Trail, a lovely grind to the TOP of Cleator Road. From the top, we had a good view even on a cloudy day, and I must not forget the two inches of snow that remained frozen on the ground. We then ducked into the woods, giggling all the way down Double Black Diamond. At the bottom my eyes filled with tears, my hands were so cold, I was pretty sure that I wanted to call it then but we charged back up the hill which got the blood moving again and we were ready to continue on. We pedaled back up the Fragrance Lake connector, zipped down Cleator, rode the lower ridge, and finished it up with the new Hush Hush trail off of the Sala trail. I drug my ass to the car, tired, John was so stoked he was all smiles.
The whole point of this long description was the fact that the ride was perfect. It was a bit too cold for me, yes it was snowing for like the 5Th weekend ride in a row, but the trails.... the trails were perfect! We got back to the car without a drop of mud. For the Chuckanuts in February..... incredible. The trails were dry. Perfect conditions. Dry trail conditions make riding the ridge a lot more fun.
So we went home, I ate about a thousand calories, tried to comfort my tired body and mind, opting out of football for some peace and quiet, yoga and of course The Wire.

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