Monday, February 09, 2009

Recharging of the soul

Yesterday was my spontainious long run day in prep for the Chuckanut. I resisted the urge to go for a pedal with John, Andy, and Bryan who also went into the Chuckanuts. I am just too slow for those guys anyway. After I had talked to someone else who is doing the race this year and he was telling me he was planning on making his long run the course of the race without the 12 mile of the Interurban trail I felt like that would be worthy of my time. So I decided to do it yesterday.
Yesterday I bundled up, stowed 4 granola bars in my pack, water, andmy trusty Ipod. **note this is the first time that I left Natasha at home. She is just not game anymore** Off I went, up to Fragrance lake, down Two Dollar, up Cleator, down the full Ridge, out to Lost Lake, up Too Many Pigs, down the service road to Chinscrapper **uhg!** which popped out at the top of Cleator again, down the road to Frangrance Lake, down the service road to the trusty van! Up, down,
20 miles later, over 5 hours of trail under my belt, a day on the trails recharged my soul, I built confidence as I ran more and more of the hills, yes I can do anything!
I crashed last night. I came home and showered and couldn't seem to muster the energy to do anything but curl up in bed. I just cannot recover like I did in the past years. I think as my body gets back in the grove, I will recover faster. The day after hurts bad... in a good way. I think that I have close to 1,000 calories... and it isn't ever 8:30 am!!!


  1. Wow - make me tired just to imagine your ride, but good for you! In spring the first time I get on my bike is always glorious ... well ... until the next day. Bike butt is the worst, isn't it?

    I do look forward to long rides, getting all sweaty and grimy - and happy! - and especially to the nice cool shower after the ride. There's nothing like it.

    Carry on! You are mighty!

  2. Michelle, you're so hardcore :)

    I admire you for pushing your body, taking advantage of the beautiful place you live, and picking up and dusting off and carrying on (even with achy're right, recovery will come faster).

    On another note, I tagged you on my blog!