Sunday, September 18, 2011

Birthday Land

Another year , another year makes twenty eight.

I spent my birthday riding bikes in the rain in Squamish with J. We loaded up the car and spent three days riding the amazing trails that Squamish holds. I have spent a few birthdays in British Columbia either biking or climbing, I learned to bike for a birthday a couple of years ago in Whistler.

This year it was simple, just J and I, trails, bikes, and a camp fire. It rained all day but we made the best of it and rode in the mud, finishing the day tired and stoked. He bought a hatchet to chop some wood so he could grill us up some dinner and then I went and bought super glue to glue shut a huge gaping hole that he hacked in his finger. That is how we celebrated, nothing fancy.

I must thank you all from the bottom of my heart that called me on my birthday, the ones that sent birthday cards, the sweet friend that mailed me a package full of fun from eastern Washington, all the lovely Facebook notes. I have some wonderful friends.

I love you all.

I really do.

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