Friday, September 23, 2011

I am baker

A moment. Moment after moment. Each tick of the clock is all we have, each second that passes is an opportunity.

Life is full of possibilities. Endless possibilities.

Just as I had imagined or created depending on how one views life, as soon as we move back to Bellingham life blossomed. Don't get me wrong for a second, I do miss the sun, bikinis, sagebrush, the Columbia River and a few very special people that call Eastern Washington home; my heart is at home in the trees.

As life unfolds I am in awe of the sheer abundance of opportunities that are at my fingertips.  Choosing between the opportunities is the crux of life. Weighing options, calculating risks, understanding the ramifications. A lot of thought needs to be given to some while other choices are as easy as a warm embrace.

I dove in, made a bold decision and holding on for the ride in which I am in full control.

I decided and was equally given the opportunity to be a baker at a unique little bistro in Bellingham. The decision was not an easy one, my heart went one way and my sensible side went the other. I didn't sleep or think about anything other than this decision, to accept the offer or not, for a good couple of days. Come last Monday I turned the key and warmed the ovens in the restaurant and went about my merry way, doing what comes absolutely naturally to me, baking up an array of delectables.

Flours, sugars, fruits, fillings, butter, cream, mixers, rolling pins and warm ovens.

I am a baker. 

I have a lot to learn, everyday I stumble but grasp my mistakes and move on. It has been a week and I can proudly sat that I am settling in, absorbing the vibe that is alive in the kitchen, understanding the personalities that create the atmosphere, getting to know the tools that I have to work with but most of all I look forward to creating products that have people come back time and time again.

I have had my nose buried deep in a few of my favorite cookbooks as soon as I get home and before bed each night, mining out recipes that I trust and others that I have been dreaming of making. Techniques and tips are hidden within the pages of each cookbook one just needs to be patient enough to read between the lines. There are books, thousands of books, millions of recipes, with the endless hours that I have poured over the inter webs and browsed countless books there is nothing that matches the confidence gained from on the job experience from some very talented people. I am blessed to share the kitchen with a woman that I am very excited to get to know and learn from.  She understands my passion and is eager to help fuel the flame. She pulls recipes out of her head for everything imaginable and is willing to share her techniques that she has honed for over 20 years. I look forward to collecting a pile of her hand written tried and true recipes. I look forward to creating new recipes for you and everyone who happens to come by and try something sweet or savory. These two hands will be busy producing in the wee hours of the morning and fill a case by the time people stumble to work in the name of creativity, passion and desire.

This is one hell of a possibility. I can't wait to see where it goes, where I will take it.

I promise many wonderful recipes next week!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Really loved your story, and am happy to have found it since I have been contemplating starting a home-based business. Thanks for sharing and all the best to you!