Monday, April 23, 2012

All in a day's time

How does an average day for me look like? I know you are wondering...... OR you are as equally nosy as I and get a kick out of how other worlds rotate day to day.

Here is me, a Tuesday. A particular fantastic Tuesday.

No big deal.

First sight as I walk out the door, just shy of 6am. Tulips. I am glad I took the time last fall to plant hundreds of tulips and daffodils. The first step out the door I am charmed by sweet blooms of color and Spring comes into bloom.

The sun rise has a particular flare to it this morning. Being up to experience the sun rise always has a breath taking feel. I am a morning person when I mind my P's and Q's the night before. 

Our sweet little town early in the morning.

Tuesdays and Thursdays I get up at the crack of dawn and climb at our local climbing wall. I meet three of my very good friends, we climb, laugh at each other, watch and encourage as each one progresses and fantasizes about the looming summer climbing adventures together.

I love this climbing wall, I have spent countless hours here and made life long friends while playing on the plastic.

I try and run a few times a week. This morning I was feeling particularly spunky and got a few miles in and had the company of a good friend to make the time fly.

I usually have breakfast and coffee while thumbing through cook books or scouring Pinterest for cake inspiration.

These eyes get me every time. Every time.

 I have plans this day to meet a friend at my Dad's house on the shores of Birch Bay to dig clams. We miss the low tide. You can't win them all.

I find ways to entertain myself, like make feet with rocks. 


Natasha looks perfectly content walking the beach with me. Really she is desperately looking for the foulest dead sea creature to roll and mask her freshly shampooed scent.

My Dad took us for a hike in the woods across the street from his house and we looked for mushrooms together. The forest is beautiful this time of year, lush green. He knows a lot about the forest and we soak up the wealth of knowledge.

Morels grow is forested areas, usually under cotton wood trees. They are masters of disguise and like to hide in plain sight. We had fun tromping through the woods and beamed with excitement as we scurried to the mushroom that we spotted in the distance.

 Morels and fiddle heads. We are successful scavengers.

My friend just got the sweetest puppy, Zealand. Of course he went on the adventure.  He fell asleep in my arms on the walk home, big day for the little guy.

Puppy's first experience with water.  This dog is going to do it all before he is ten weeks old. 

My dad has the most incredible greenhouse anyone could dream of, overflowing with flowers and vegetables. Beautiful. We planted a few hanging baskets together.

A full day, leaving me hungry and little time to get something ready for dinner before the other half got home from work. We venture down town to one of our favorite inexpensive burrito joints, Casa Que Pasa.

Since we were close to Mallards and the fact that we consumed uncomfortably healthy dinners at a dive bar, we had ice cream to round out the days events. I love Mallards Ice Cream, I love the hot fudge sauce even more, I threaten to order a bowl of chocolate sauce and sit down with a spoon. If you come to Bellingham, you must go to Mallards.

I came home to my first bin of produce from Dandelion Organic. Fresh produce on my door step once a week. I am gladly about to up our fruit and vegetable intake by ten fold.

There it is, a day in the life. I have a wonderful life and feel blessed to have the opportunities that I do and create. 

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