Monday, April 16, 2012

Flower Blossom Cake

I just got off the phone, I took another order for a cake. Beyond thrilled would describe me and making cakes. Baking and decorating cakes is fun, creative and my cakes are full of good things like organic eggs, organic cane sugar and organic flour. The task satisfies everything I need in a job. Pretty close to pure awesomeness.

The cake was a tender white cake gemmed with lemon zest and soaked in a freshly squeezed sweet lemony syrup.  The frosting was a white chocolate butter cream. There were three layers, each had a ribbon of strawberry and a generous amount of the butter cream. The best part of the cake is the fondant. That is rarely said about any cake but the fondant was made by me, it had perfect consistency, faintly sweet and smelled of almonds. Each cake I make now will have only home made fondant. Try and find that anywhere else.

I made this cake for a birthday party. The flowers turned out wonderful, delicate and reminiscent of Spring apple blossoms. I was told that the cake was a huge hit and it tasted delicious.

There will be many more cakes in my future, maybe yours too if you live in the area.


  1. Your cakes are beautiful. Today's entry is soft, delicate and would be very hard to cut into.
    I hope this works out for you as a side-line or main event!
    Best wishes.

  2. wow this cake looks too pretty to eat!