Friday, April 27, 2012

Red Velvet Birthday Cupcakes

I had a cakery orders this week, including three dozen red velvet cup cakes. The cake recipe was from the Flour cookbook and was a winner sporting a hefty slug of buttermilk. The butter cream is my new go to recipe for all my cakes. It is a keeper as well.

I am just smitten that I have filled each order using home made fondant. Believe it or not the stuff is rather tasty compared to the gross store bought variety. I feel good about the product that goes out the door.

I always use organic cane sugar and organic eggs for the cake and they are ALWAYS from scratch.

 Have a great weekend and if you ever need cake you know where to find me, the caker.


  1. Love the cupcakes! Ok, you've got me curious about homemade fondant....gonna have to give it a go :)

    1. Try this recipe
      it is rather intensive to make but totally worth the effort. The results are superb. I have toyed with marshmallow based fondant and had a hard time working with it.

  2. i love those desings.. ;)
    looks so yummy..

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