Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cooking for the holidays

I am not sure what inspired me but I was really excited to cook for Thanksgiving this year. As I have noted in my previous entry, I think it is in my blood. It is a piece of my Grandma that lives on. I got busy and searched for some new recipes to share with the family.

I started with the munchies, ones that reminded me of our few winters in El Potero Chico. We would go into the market once a week. It was a treat. We would load up our packs with all the fresh fruit, veggies and treats that we needed for the following week. We would always load up on the avocados. That was the best part of the day, climb all day and call it early to go eat guac and drink Mexican beer. Oh those were the days! Besides the beer and avocados, I picked up something to satisfy my sweet tooth. There were always these bars of a sugar reduction and nuts. I found the best munchie to pull out of the pack at the crag were these misterious mexican sweetes, I later found to be a variation of pralines.

As I looked though our cupboards I came across a couple of bags of pecans from Bill and Betsy. So, what better way to use the but make the best part of pecan pie, the top. I whipped up a yummy batch of pralines. I plan on freezing the leftovers to have as a topping for muffins and such.

John and can live on chips and salsa. It is our staple food. It never gets old. I found a great recipe for a cranberry, cilantro, orange salsa. I have to say this was my favorite part of the meal. I would recommend this recipe to anyone. It is amazing!
Cornbread stuffing. Need I say anything after the word stuffing? Oh I guess stuffing drenched in gravy....
I also made some fresh cranberry sauce to round out the spread. I managed to eat most of that and make myself really sick.... who would of seen that one coming!
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