Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Face book took me hostage!

I was introduced to this little culture of Face book last week and now the site has me hooked. It has been a blessing. I have found long lost friends, neighbors, classmates and such. I really feel like an Internet nerd. It is just this easy way to stay connected to people who often move frequently for various reasons. So, if you haven't been sucked into it, Face Book is worth a shot; if you have, look me up (Michelle stiles).

Keeping things real and using my free time doing things besides sitting at my computer chatting through a laptop, I have been practicing Bikram Yoga several times a week. I started a couple of weeks ago with a girlfriend in hopes of recovering from my knee injury. Wow, it has only bee two or three weeks and I have seen dramatic results. Not only has my yoga practice improved vastly, I went in there with about 35% flexibility in m,y knee and very minimal strength. With yoga I was able to slowly build strength and mobility. I feel that I am back to a solid 75%, I really don't think that I could be at this level without yoga. Yeah, here I am singing the praises of yoga!


  1. I'm glad you've been reaping the benefits of yoga, especially with a nasty knee injury. I've been going to classes at least twice a week this semester and trying to do it on my own too (though not so faithfully) and I absolutely love it!
    By the way, I think my mom's rice porridge recipe is even better than the rice pudding link on my blog, so if you're interested I can send her recipe to you via facebook. How's that sound?

  2. Lael,
    Yoga is healthy in so many ways. It is a great time to clear the mind and relax as well as push the body physically. I would love the rice porridge recipe. I truely enjoy your blog!