Tuesday, November 04, 2008

This just in: Gone Votin'

Election day is here. What a big day for the United States. I am proud to say that both John and I have cast our ballots. I have called all my family members this morning make sure that they had dropped off their ballots. My Dad has even voted. Way to go!

I was listening to NPR this morning and got my daily dose of news. I was reminded that this was the longest and most expensive election to date. What is even more impressive to me is the fact that this might be the largest turn out of voters ever. That is astounding in this day and age. So all you who have not voted, now is the hour. If you have voted, good for you, call your friends and family, remind them to vote...

Look at all the voters lined up already this morning!

I had to go to Whatcom County's Courthouse yesterday afternoon to post some fliers for our upcoming public meeting on the Rural Element (Hey look, free advertising! If you are interested PLEASE come!) and stood in amazement by the hoards of people dropping off their ballot at the assessor's office and the drop box outside. Way to go Whatcom County!
I am not that well versed in the tradition of having black eyed peas and collard greens on New Year's Day for good luck and prosperity in the coming year. Probably because I grew up in the Northwest (not a bad thing I must add). So John has introduced me to the tradition from his southern upbringing. Here is my little twist to bring good luck and prosperity for this big day. I soaked some black eyed peas, this morning I got them starting to cook with some jalapenos, onion, ham hocks, and garlic. I figure that the smell that is going to be wafting from my house when we get home will bring peace to John and myself, and maybe smell so good it will travel up into the atmosphere and spread all over and bring some good fortune on this fateful day. Hey, it is worth a try!

And just to bring a smile!

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  1. Oh Michelle! I just love this day. I'm glad that you love it to and that you called all your relatives this morning. :)

    Wahoo! GOBAMA!



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