Thursday, November 20, 2008

Night Rider (not to be confused with Knight Rider!)

Never in my right mind would I ever imagine that I would add riding bikes at night to the list of my favorite activities. Here I am telling everyone the absolute fun and thrill of riding trail at night. It is a totally different playing field at night, depth perception changes, field of vision changes and as I have yet to understand why trails change. The trails seem as if I have never ridden them before, and I have never ridden them at night. John has taken me out twice this week and it has been incredible. I bundle up, layer upon layer, still worrying about how cold I might get ( last night, halfway up Cleator Road I had to stop and she two is not that cold pedaling up hill!). The views are totally different, instead if the view of the foothills, Baker or Lake Whatcom, I was treated with the city scape at night, twinkling and glowing. The nights have been clear so the stars were pristine to see. What a treat!

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