Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday fun day.... RIGHT????

Friday, yet again!
*deep breath*
Here we are again. A glorious week of weather behind and a cold weekend in front of us.
The week has been a whirl wind. I don't know where it went. Possibly me reading all about our new president, watching and getting hooked on "The WIRE," getting informed/outraged through "When the Levies Broke," drooling over all the other wonderful blogs that I have hooked onto. My fondest for blogs is growing, what a wonderful medium in so many ways. Blogs are a vehicle for the personal, the hobbies, crafts, arts, news, and opinions just to name a few. Ahw... the great minds out there!

I have been managing to slowly build up my mileage in prep for a wonderful summer and for the Chuckanut. Last Sunday I thought that it would be good to get some miles in, and I really needed an excuse to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather. So I gathered some water food and a couple layers (it is cold in the woods and there is still snow in 50% of the Chuckanuts), oh and Natasha of course. We parked at Arroyo Park, hit the trail about 12:45 and ran trail, more trail and more trail. I am pretty sure we covered an alarming amount of that mountain. Let's just say I had some catching up to do. I just couldn't get enough. It was so nice to be out on the trail, taking it all in and getting my legs moving for a long time. As I began my decent off of Lost Lake, the sun dipped behind the islands. This left Natasha and I with little sunlight and a long way to get back to the car. I haven't had to be in the woods in the dark in awhile, I forgot what an eiry feeling it is. We made it back to the car in one piece, both exhausted and me wondering how I managed to keep moving until 6:15. This I might add is not the best way at all to increase mileage. Don't do it! No matter how nice the day is, build up slowly. This little adventure cost me dearly, my knee still doesn't feel good, and my hamstrings... that is a whole other ordeal. After that day, off the couch, I feel like I can probably do anything and guess what... I am capable of anything!

Here is some fun for friday!

Get your own knuckles at the knuckle tattoo gun.

Get your own knuckles at the knuckle tattoo gun.

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