Saturday, January 24, 2009

State of Bellingham's Trails

John has been hitting up Galbraith several times this week, coming back and raving about it. I have been hunkered down in the yoga studio, getting too hot rather than too cold. This morning I ventured out to the trails on my bike with John and Bryan in hopes to squeeze in a ride before the precipitation comes. Woa! I know what he was raving about now. The trails are perfect! perfect! PERFECT! There for 1. no foliage, as in nasty blackberries vines exploding, devil's club, nettles, and other "pesky" shrubbery 2. it is too cold for most people to venture outside 3. the ground is frozen, the trails are frozen solid. They just don't move, it is spectacular. It is like riding on pavement. 4. I haven't ventured out in the evening but John says that with lights the ground just twinkles.
For the love of bikes!
I didn't even freeze this morning! It was "ear to ear" as John describes it.
Yes John, this is what it is all about.

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