Saturday, January 03, 2009

Harnessing the power of good intention

The work of Humberto Maturana really resonates for me. Here it is summarized within a very simply statement:

If you keep on doing what works, then the stuff that doesn’t work will simply fall away. Do what works and those habits, actions and behaviors will stay and the elements that don’t work will be eradicated from the ‘system’. You are not trying to change things that don’t work. Nature will take care of the change if you focus on conserving what works.

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A very useful formula to ‘resolve’ your wishes into real results

Attention + Intention + Skill

Attention (the first part of the equation) is not a ‘Secret’
Placing attention on what you want (or having a Resolution) is a great start. Tension exists between what or who you are now and what you don’t have or who you would like to become.
‘The Secret’ gave us a great tool but it was only a tool. It tells you to constantly put your attention on wishing to have something. Without any other action on your part, your unconscious mind will create a perpetual state of WISHING to have something and not creating it for you. This attention is good for motivation but it can be a trap. This tension, or what psychologists call “cognitive dissonance” (the difference between your present and desired state) won’t make things magically appear, but it probably IS the first step!

You need Intention and Skill too
Intention is the energy you use to keep renewing your commitment and your activity around your chosen outcome. But you also need to have the SKILL to take yourself to a higher level and make the shifts necessary.
For example, it is one thing to put your ATTENTION on being a great tennis player. You may even have the INTENTION to practice. Life can get in the way and as you know, attention can get diverted and our best efforts get sabotaged for any number of reasons.
You will probably improve with practice but your wish could be thwarted if you don’t have the right SKILLS required to take you a higher level.
You need to learn, develop or seek the skills that you don’t have, so that you can get ‘there’

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