Thursday, April 30, 2009

The dream

Base of the Grand Wall amongst the boulders, Squamish, B.C.
Travel light
Live light
Spread the light
Be the light
I don't know much about "Swine Flu" nor do I know much about "Spring Fever." I think I have caught the latter. All I can think about is everything I want to do and everything else that I have no interest in being a part of. I am actually at peace with it for the first time in a while. I am okay with this uncertainty and indecisiveness.
It comes down to making sure I am living the life I want to live and ,y partner is doing the same. Am I being the light I want to spread. Right now it is questionable. I feel that because of "this economic situation" I am constrained to current situation. I am blessed to have a job and a house, but now that I have these things I start to question if this is what I really want. Yes this might be Spring Fever creeping under my skin, telling us to pack up our belongings at get the heck out of town, I don't think that this is a fleeting moment. I know there is more to life than this job, I know there is more to life than this American Dream. I am not going to swallow the little pill that is labeled consumerism, idleness, and compliance. I know there is more and I know I can live on less.
There is change coming in our lives. We are going to create it. It is only a matter of time and timing.
I want to be the positive light and I want to live the dream. The dream is not the American Dream that is for sure!


  1. YES, yes and YES. You are speaking my thoughts here Michelle. Life is so much more than the things we own and the jobs we have. Life lived as a slave to your wage isn't a life lived at all. We have been fed these ideas, for years, about what it means to be successful, that life is about accomplishment and hard work and the pay-off is that you get to own THINGS-a big house, a nice car, clothes, dinner at fancy restaurants, etc. Things that force you to continue to working as a slave to your wage, just so you can keep those things or obtain more things. We have become so far removed from our natural environments that strip malls and fast food joints are our home, and wilderness is purely a concept for most people. We could write a book about this stuff. And in fact, many people have. Have you ever read the book Affluenza? I'm sure you could find it at Village Books, I read it for an environmental studies class my freshman year and I would highly recommend it, if you're interested. Sommers and I often discuss this same thing that it sounds like you and Jon often discuss, so, just know that you are not alone! LIVE THE DREAM! xo

  2. There was a reason why we were friends when you lived in the "city of subduded excitement"
    Thanks for following my blog, rants, and randomness!