Saturday, April 11, 2009

Squamish or bust

"I can't wait to see what happens next!"
This was scribbled on a shop chalkboard the other day. I love it, I think it sums up my feelings toward my life right now, or at least the feeling I strive for these days. The possibilities are endless. I think I might be intoxicated from the first glimpse of sun and a bit of warmth that the Pacific Northwest experienced for the first time. I think the city of subdued excitement is coming out of hibernation. People are out on the streets again, I am not the only one on the trails, there is smell of cut grass, there is color to the tress, flowers are popping out of the ground..... We made it through another dark, cold, stormy winter... we made it, now comes the fun part, the part that makes us stay here through those dark months....

This last weekend we packed the van for the first time in months, we gathered Natasha, our bikes, shoes and a crash pad to boulder and drove north to Squamish. We tested the mountain bike trails for the first time, was it ever worth it! The trails (once we found them) were incredible. We only rode in a couple of different places, we ran into snow, ice, confusion, tired legs, all the usual.... but left with smiles on our faces. What a relief, camping, biking, bouldering, friends, Squamish... spring is here (or at least peeking its head in every couple of days) and I am ready to play outside!

I have always threatened to move to Squamish, the climbing is just that good. Being there this weekend confirmed my love for this town, nestled in the mountains, perched near the bay, filled with endless recreation opportunities. We rode great trail and then on the way out stopped at the "Clean Boulders" and bouldered for two hours on some of the best boulders around (really, world class!). I cannot imagine the endless possibilities that would be a stone throw from our house, ** oh** the possibilities! I feel so fortunate to live just an hour and a half drive away. Moving north wouldn't do a single thing for this winter blah that plagues us.....

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