Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A piece of Paradise

I have found it, my little slice of heaven right in my back yard. I hate to just come right out and advertise the best place in the Pacific Northwest but I have found it nestled away on the Canadian coast.

I have been traveling the 2 hour drive north for over 5 years now and loving it more and more even tough it is becoming more crowded, more houses, a Wal-Mart, and traffic. The parks department (BC Parks?) has done an incredible job planning and accommodating the increased traffic and hoards of people amassing on Squamish. New trails, more camp sites, cleaning out old crags, and implementing a strict dog policy. Kudos to Squamish and all the parties involved who are going to keep Squamish beautiful for the years to come. The area seems to be getting "better" with time.

This last weekend John, Bryan, Jess and myself ventured to the play land in celebration of Bryan's 34Th birthday and the promise of good weather.
We hiked to the top of the Chief, breaking a sweat, letting the sun warm up the air, and for the sake of doing something new. It ended up being a great little adventure!
I don't know how John can make this move. He has the campasing moves stored in his back pocket at all times. It is called "Cutting Edge" (rightfully so), a beautiful and proud boulder. We have been frequenting this patch of boulders as I insist on being in the sun and not going into the forest to the Grand Wall Boulders.
"A bad day outside beats a good day in the office." I am sure John will have this problem the next couple of goes.
Saturday night, with a few hours of day light left we harnessed up and hit the Malamute. What a perfect day!
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  1. Love to see posts like this!
    Look forward to having you back in our area soon.