Sunday, April 19, 2009


The Nightlight Lounge has came back from the depths of financial ruin and being the victim of the city of subdued excitement. It is back in the form of a "cash only" bar, trying to make a go of it a second time. I guess if they can keep the money out of their nose they really can make a go of it here in Bellingham. They have the ability to bring in some bigger acts and generate a crowd and keep in business, and their 80's night draws a line out the door and around the corner. So please, all you Hamsters, get your booty out there and support the venue, I need music!

Last night Ozomatli rolled through town and put of a fun show. Their energy is hard to match and even challenging to keep up with. Their pr essence filled the stage and sprayed into the crowd. The Nightlight was of course hotter than Bikram Yoga and packed to the gills with sweaty inebriated bodies but we got by. Horns, drums, great lyrics and big smiles made the night worth the while. If they roll through your town, don't sit this one out, they are sure to please!

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